PubTalk: What a politician is really thinking about when you’re talking

As we ran our advocacy workshops throughout 2012, some of the most interesting discussion originated from the cartoon above. A politician goes back home and tries to explain to locals in the bar the difference between risk and hazard.

The cartoon initially related to current advocacy debates on chemicals (spot all the hidden meanings!), but it has wider applications.

When you are advocating your case to a politician, you are often dealing with complicated and highly technical topics (hazard, classification, nanomaterials, etc). What the politician is really listening for, is how he could explain the issue outside the beltway, in the bar, to a voter. What words would he use to explain it over a beer?

Being able to deliver your position ‘in the bar’ greatly increases your chances of winning; not doing this allows politicians to write their own narrative, and is not nearly as memorable – or effective.


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January 24th, 2013